Divorce has become a famous phenomenon in the current world. Having been happening since time immemorial, it is familiar to most people. Break up can be termed as marriage dissolution. A marital union termination cancels all the legal responsibilities and duties pertaining to marriage. The process of divorce is mostly engaged in the court of law where the judge determines the case and what to happen after the whole scenario. More often separation may involve many issues ranging from child custody, property distribution, alimony, child support and even debt distribution.

The main question in our mind is why the couples have to take this material step to end their matrimony. We All know that divorce is no piece of cake, it is the most difficult step for any couple to take and usually have lasting ripple effects top all the parties involved. Taking an example of the children, they are torn between two parties and their lives may be full of stress and confusion. Marriage dissolution has also lead to collapse of societal structures and the long respected family structure has disintegrated within no time. This has acted as a discouragement to most young people willing to marry.

With this issue of marriage collapse, counseling pertaining marriage matters has been in the rise as psychologists try to save this treasures structure of the society. However, not all is lost. The solution to the divorce dilemma lies within each person’s conscious. All we need to do is to harmonize and reflect the remedies in our daily lives. In line with this gesture, couples can avoid this dilemma by making sure they discuss their expectation in marriage before they even tie the knot.

This increases the ability of couples dealing with their problems in a splendid and amicable manner. Another basic solution to marriage chaos is effective communication between the two parties. Communication is very vital and considered as the building block in any relationship endeavors; couples should discuss their worries, feelings, problems, personal issues and mutual ones. This creates a wonderful bond as where there is discussion, the couples may agree to disagree or agree.
The couples should also try to work on their financial issues. They should not let finances to be the base of their relationship. The best way to go about it is applying basic agreements and sharing responsibilities in an equitable way without bias. Those three basic solutions to la