How often have you wondered what the person you are dating may have concealed his marital status? Or, how would you ensure that the person you are planning to marry is legally eligible to do so? All your doubts can be put to rest with the help of marriage records.
Marriage Records – What?
Marriage records provide proof of legal union. They include names of both individuals who are married to each other. Also, the date of the marriage license, as well as the county where the ceremony took place, is given.
Marriage Records – Where?
The place you would find marriage records depends on the state where the marriage was solemnized. It may be housed and issued by the health department as in case of Alabama, Alaska, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, and Hawaii. Alternately, you can find the records in government offices through clerks’ offices in county courts e.g. Arizona, the District of Columbia and Ohio offer record copies only through the courts. Marital history information is given only from vital statistics offices in case of America Samoa, Guam, and South Carolina. Marriage certificates are issued from varied sources and may also differ in type. In Indiana, for example, certified copies of the Record of Marriage are distributed through the State Health office, but only courts issue certified copies of the marriage certificate.
Marriage Records – How to procure?
A marriage certificate requires weeks or sometimes months to get issued. Meanwhile, the married couples can use the Record of Marriage Document that they receive after the marriage ceremony. This document can be used in some states to change the last name. However, other states insist on Marriage Certificate for the purpose.
It is useful to note the difference between a Marriage Certificate and a Marriage License. A Marriage Certificate is a legal proof that a couple is married. Marriage License, on the other hand, is a warrant that authorizes the couple to be married. Marriage license records are available to anyone in some states like Georgia. In Virginia, on the other hand, the records are not made public up to 50 years of the record.
Marriage Records – How to access?
The United States law mandates a small fee to give access to marital records. It is for the search process and not the information per se. The charges vary from US$ 5 in Illinois to $25 in Alaska. The fastest and most convenient way to access is to search online for these records. Care should be taken that a professional, trustworthy and valid information provider website is accessed. Marriage records fall into the public domain, which means you can access them using online services.
It is vital to know the accurate marital records before you take the plunge. Depending on the states, these records can be accessed in various ways. However, the most convenient and accurate method is to search online. Visit the websites and be assured of a firm marital background check as a basis for a sound, trustworthy relationship.