Background check or simply called as background investigation is the process of searching and compiling commercial, criminal and financial records of a person or organization. Background checks are done for different purposes and by different authorities for safety and satisfaction. A lot of people ask why need background check if it is a lengthy and time taking process. Let’s check it below and the reason behind conducting background checks.
What is the need for background checks?
Most importantly, one should run a background check to keep their employees, clients, customers and business safe. Lack of investigation or poorly done check can result in crimes and negative outcomes. The fact is that people murder, they rob and engage in other criminal activities. And so, you will not want anyone to face that and so it is important to have some sort of responsibility towards your clients, employees, and kids etc to protect them from people who can harm in some way or the other.
Protection of employees is indeed vital for any business. A survey conducted in 2005 found that about 2.3percent of businesses face some sort of co worker problems, ranging from 0.6 percent to 8.1 percent for businesses having 250 employees and around 34.1 percent for those with more than 1000 employees.
When people hear the term “background check”, they think of investigation of criminal history of a person. But the truth is that a background check is way more than just this. It is a process where you can find the best candidate for your company and it is not just about looking at his or her criminal record, it is also the employment and educational history, references and civil records that come into it. Each of these is an important part of the whole process.
So, what is it that a background check looks for? Well, these background checks help your business to stay secure through criminal history investigation. It further ensures that the applicants can do what they say through education and employment verification. It also verifies that the applicants are who they claim and are not wanted for any criminal act. Background checks, screenings, investigation- whatever you may call them, they help to protect the clients, employees and business to a great extent.
What details do you need to know about someone to run a check?
1. The individual’s full name
2. His or her date of birth
3. And the social security number
A lot of people are also inquisitive to know the time required to conduct these screenings. So, as with any type of screening, the time required actually depends on the service you choose. A lot of searches just require the business to enter relevant details into the database and get instant results. But most services take longer because of the need for live record search. Also, a few services need a combination of live searches as well as database and a unique approach to yield results.
In all, it can be derived that background checks are really important for various purposes to be safe.