The current world is mainly faced by wide range of cases mainly on divorce. The present families more especially the young and growing families are faced by so many cases of divorce. The separation of the couples is not a easy thing to accept and embrace as the only way of solving family conflicts. The process of going over separation of families is bestowed upon understanding the causes. Of what benefits do you think will be solving what you don’t understand its causes? In quest to solving the family separation, one has to go down to the root causes of the conflict will results to the decision to allow separation of the couples. Ideally marriage is like a group precisely a union which is formed by people of different schools of thought uniting there effort and agreeing to work together towards achieving and obeying their marriage vows.

Like in formation of any group, many families goes through the steps, separation is mainly experienced during the storming stage where the couples are going through major disagreements. The trick may be simple, but it calls for the couples to understand the group formation steps. Once you are aware that your marriage is going through the storming stage, which is the prerequisite of performance stage, then you can get prepared to climb and go over this unpleasant thing. The major cause of families’ separation is lack of understanding that the relationship must first pass through the storming stage before it gets to performance. During performance, which is the immediate stage after the storm, that is when the couples accept each other and become ready to work together. Acceptance of each other’s weaknesses and working through solving such problems is among the ways of solving the menace of going to the extreme ends of seeking the intervention of court.

The second cause of divorce is the ego, which is bestowed among the couple, the feeling of superiority and being not ready to let go of the strong stands which one hold. Once the couples have leant that each one of them is equally important before the other and for the sake of their relationship, then they will be ready to go.

Finally, failing to learn from the mistakes one makes can cause the other party feel intimidate and indeed the reason of letting go. The causes of divorce are quite many, the existence and survival of the family through the thick and thin entirely depend on getting to know and indentify the causes of day-to-day disagreements and working against such.