Divorce rates have been increased immensely in past few years. The reason could be property, harassment, physical, sexual or mental abuse, second marriage etc. Some countries have legalized it but while approving it court needs agreements and marital documentation. Divorce records are kept safe publically and they show the social behavior of a society. They can be used as an evidence of separation and cancellation of marital responsibilities. Divorce records are needed when court approves the custody of children to any of the parents. Divorce rate has been increased in the hetero-sexual couples. Marriage of same-sex couples has been legalized in many countries like New York and Massachusetts. Mostly these same-sex marriages are dissolved because these are not recognized in multiple countries and the purpose behind these marriages is something very fishy and sensitive.

Divorce records show the time of your divorce and marital responsibility. It specifies your age. It identifies your status and is necessary for the documentation of second marriage. You can claim for benefits if you are older than 62 years and you can get advantages from your ex-husband property and life insurance policy. Terms and conditions mentioned in divorce records provide you benefits if you are caring for children from your ex-husband or if you have an adopted or disabled child you can claim for financial help using your divorce record.

Recent researches have mentioned the causes of divorces as, 28% divorces are caused on the basis of infidelity where 70% men and 30% women were involve in extra marital activities, 18% were based on domestic violence where 75% husbands and 25% wives were affected by harassment and abusing, 15 % financial crisis, 7 % alcoholism and gambling. Workaholism is another cause of increased rate of divorces 53 % of women and 47 % of men complaint for it. These divorce records exhibits socialism and cultural values of a community.

Studies show that percentage of divorce fillings by women is high than the divorce filling by men. 90% divorces are claimed by women. Divorce records in multiple countries are observed as, USA 5 %, Sweden 2.9%, Denmark 3%, UK 4 %, Germany 2 %, Finland 2%, Switzerland 0.57%, Sri Lanka 0.013%, Spain 0.90%, Ireland 0.29%, Japan 0.30% and in china divorce rate is observed as 1.05 % in few past years. Since 1910- 2012 divorce rate has been tremendously increased from 7 % to 59%. Among 100 cases of divorce there are 2 cases of suicide and 1 additional murder.