Before we proceed many people may wonder why divorce records are important. The thing is that it is an accumulation of data like the records of marriages, and births which allows people to have direct access to information that may be somehow connected to them. While this is not obvious in the first site, a divorce in the family could help determine affiliation towards a certain religion or congregation. It could also contain reasons for the dissolution and these records become extremely important when heritage is being taken into consideration. The existence, or for that matter nonexistence of a divorce in the official records could result in significant effects on the way an inheritance is divided out and could also affect the people who are to benefit from the inheritance.

These records are kept by the state and used for various purposes. The first obvious reason is to establish a full fledge record that can be accessed in time of need. Now what could be that time of need? The first use is that people who have any ambiguity regarding a divorce case or need to find out more can have full access to the records that have been kept by the state all these years so that they have the full information which they can analyse and evaluate and thereby use it for the purpose of clearing out the ambiguity. However these records maintained by the state are not just available to anybody.

Like all personal data these records are also subject to the strict personal information laws and these laws guard this information from people who are not directly related to it. This ensures that the personal data of people is not available to just anybody. However if need is established and the person who wants to see the record is directly related to the people whose case is under discussion, he/she may request the state to be able to see these records. In that eventuality all records are provided with full information and at times even have some pictures attached which can help in the matter.

The second use of maintaining these records is of course to maintain a record that can be statistically analysed. Every year we get lots of statistics telling how many divorces took place, the reasons behind them and this allows the statisticians to analyse the trends and put their fingers on the problems.