If there is one universal fact that cannot be refuted, then it has to about the human character. No human being is the same and each individual’s character is unique and definitely different from one another. Just like how our characters differ from another, our social security numbers are also different. That is to say, every person owns a different social security number from one another.
Though social security numbers were introduced in the 1930’s for taxation purposes, it is now being used to locate people and keep a tab on their activities. No matter how strict the government is about the usage of the social number, there are many instances wherein the social security numbers are stolen and misused by another person. Such a misuse is usually committed by some criminals to get credit or even to leave another person absolutely bankrupt.
Off late, there are many people who are being constantly deceived by criminals who pose to be someone else. All that they do is get a forged copy of their social cards. In most cases, such forged copies usually contain the social security numbers of people who are already dead. This particular problem poses a huge threat to the lives of various unsuspecting spectators and in most cases many young women fall prey to such criminals.
It does not matter how long you had known your lover but how much and how deep you had known about your lover, because by the end of the day, you need to be more careful about the person that you are dealing with. It would be in your best interest if you could conduct a social security numbers’ search on various official government websites. This particular search would definitely be mandatory especially if the person is worming a hole into your life.
Such a social security numbers’ search on official government websites would tell you all there is to know about the person. The search would give you information about the person to whom the social number belongs, such as the actual date of birth, gender, the state of birth and other vital information that involves the immediate family.
On conducting such a social security numbers’ search, if you find out that any of the information does not match with what your lover had told you about or if in any case there is a death record found connected to that number, the possibility may that the guy had stolen the social number of another person, then you’d better make it a point to get in touch with the authorities immediately. Like what they say, it is better to be safe than sorry. So in order to protect your life better, it would be wise choice to make a social security number search to identify people that go into or out of your life.