Based from recent divorce statistics in the divorce records, it is estimated that the rate of divorces within the US is hanging about 50%, having almost half of the marriages ending up to divorce process. In a global research of nations having the highest rates of divorces, the United States takes the 12th position having a rate of 49%.


The 50% figure has most frequently been computed with the use of an extremely simple technique of comparing the sum of marriages with the sum of divorces for each 1000 individuals in a given year. The calculation is simple. If there were ten marriages and five divorces taking place in the 1000 individuals being sampled, the sum of divorces is equal to half the sum of marriages, or 50%. This implies that half of ten marriages in a year would end up to separation.


However, that’s not actually the case. Maybe, none of the ten marriages in a year ended up to separation, and all have lasted many years instead. Yes, there were ten marriages and five divorces in the example, and it can be interpreted as 50% failure, however, it’s not actually exact. A more exact percentage will be obtained if you know accurately how many individuals who got married and eventually got separated. You could not simply get the raw sums from a year and obtain significant results due to individuals of various generations and ages have various rates of separation. Education and income are causes of divorce statistics mentioned above that also influence the rate of divorces as individuals having higher education also have higher earnings as well as lower rates of separation compared to those without. Similar thing holds true for couple having children; they’ve a different as well as lower rate of separation compared to couples without kids.


Individuals that belong to certain demographic and age groups possibly do have a rate of almost 50%, however, other groups absolutely don’t. For instance, researches have illustrated that those marriages following 1975 have better possibilities of lasting even a decade compared to those before 1975. In terms of education, it have been shown that the college graduates that got married in between the year 1990 and 1995 has a rate of only more than 15%. In conclusion, there are different varying rates of divorces for various groups of individuals in the total populace, and the majority of them aren’t almost as much as 50%. You may be able to obtain a number for the divorce records; however, that number might not be extremely exact within the actual world.