Divorce is one of the ugliest things because you are literally finishing off a relationship that you thought, in most cases, would last forever. There are a lot of tears involved and a lot of emotions that are put at stake but sometimes getting a divorce becomes necessary. Now this would raise some questions because in most cases you will be advised to try and salvage your marriage and save your relationship. So why should you go for a divorce.

Many people try to not go for divorce so that they can save their families and protect their children from the adverse effects of broken families and separated parents. You may also not want to get a divorce because you are still in love with your spouse and that is completely justified, but here is the thing, you need to say whether staying in this relationship is actually a good idea?

Take a look at this case for example: a wife is not getting a divorce from a husband because she has young children who will get badly affected from the psychological side effects of such a decision but every night her husband comes home completely drunk. She knows that he is having extra marital affairs and that he is jobless and not even doing anything to help run the house hold. Moreover he frequently beats her and she is often the victim of marital rape. That is a rather worst case scenario but the bitter and unfortunate reality is that this actually happens. In this eventuality divorce is a good idea because if the wife is not getting a divorce in order to protect her children she should also consider the fact that the current home environment in which she suffers abuse at the hand of her husband is going to have worse effect on her children.  

The point that needs to be kept in mind here is that there are cases in which things get completely out of control. Abuse, sexual or otherwise, betrayal of trust again and again, indulgence in extra marital affairs, consistent lying: all these are large red signals blinking constantly and if you have them in your life you need to get a divorce because otherwise these relationship will only bring you lots of pain and hurt. You do not want to do that to yourself: weigh the pros and cons, divorce is a legal right and you can exercise it anytime you want.