You noticed a familiar face while you were travelling on the train, but you missed talking to the person due to the crowd which separated you. Is it possible to use people search in this case even if you do not remember the person’s name? In this and similar situations, you should definitely make full use of the modern search opportunities which are available to you. Find out how to do this effectively. You will most certainly get the information that you need to establish contact.

The Basic Methods

The most straightforward way for conducting people search when you do not remember names is to use the local telephone directories which are now readily available online. You can narrow down the search by using some logic. Using the train example above, you can pinpoint the neighborhoods around the stops and use their names to narrow down the search. When you go through the lists of names on the directory, you should be able to recognize that of your long-lost friend.

Another method is to look up the list of contacts on your phone and that on your email. This can help you to remember the person’s name. If you have entries without names, you can use the reverse lookup method. You simply need to use an online directory which offers this type of service. You can enter the person’s phone and his name and address will show up. You can do the same with an email address. Generally, you can perform a general web search using contact details. The websites which contain them can have more information about the person plus a picture.

Using Other Names

When you think that you have spotted an old friend from school, but you cannot remember his name, you can perform people search with the names of fellow students that you know. Once you find them, they can help you to get in touch with the other person. Generally, you have to be creative when looking for people that you have not spoken to in a long time.
There are other cases in which a search based on another person’s name can be of great help. If you know the husband’s name, for example, you can search the marriage records to find the name of the wife. The family connections are extremely useful when it comes to finding people.
You can readily use all available methods for conducting people search without using the name of the person that you are looking for.