The laws of the United States clearly mention that every single person in the country shall receive a fair trail by the public before the person is judged for a particular crime. This country is also known for the freedom of information Act wherein a person can get his hands on the complete court proceedings with the manuscript from the court records. This access to information from court records can only be denied if the court has ordered the records to be sealed forever. Thus in such a situation, people could not gain the records of a particular person whom they want to know. Information pertaining to isolated juvenile crimes or any court proceeding that involves the safety of a minor can actually be ordered by the court of law to be sealed.
Depending upon the state from which you need the court records, the information that they will request for you may be different. There are certain states that require personal identification information of the person about whom you need the information. However, in most cases the court’s retriever would only require the case’s docket number, the name of the person or people involved in the case along with the actual trial date. And these pieces of information are quite easy for an applicant to provider when they apply the court records search. Though many states have made such records public, there are some that specifically state that will require the applicant of the information to place the application in person. Such states do not offer much assistance over the phone, nor would they divulge much information over the internet.
Though many television programs and movies show investigators and lawyers get into a database to get their hands on court records, such is definitely not the case in real life. If such investigators or lawyers need to gain access to information, then they sure have to apply for a legal service and also they would be asked to pay for the search.
At the same time, you would have to know that a person’s social security number does not have any part to play with a person’s actual court orders. Hence, if you use the same number to find out about court records, then you sure will be much disappointed.
If you wish to gain access to court records from the federal courts, then you would have to concentrate upon such courts but not the local or state court houses. Different from the state or local courts, feral courts deals with cases that are very sensitive and you can access such information only if you have exercised the right to the information with a written plea. Having got these facts in mind, you may know much clearly how to get the court records and which is the right place for you to turn to.