The office of records in the county where the divorce was granted would have a copy of your divorce records. So whenever you need these records you need to get in touch with the records office in the county where the divorce was granted. There is a procedure that has to be followed while placing a request for these records. The procedure would vary between the office of records and the counties. You may have to wait for some time. The time you need to wait will also vary between the counties.

There are a lot of uses to divorce records as they are the final decree served by the court. Since it is signed by the judicial authority, these records are the only legal way to prove that a person is divorced. Unless the proceedings are done legally and court approves the same, the divorce is not legal. There are people who think they are divorced while they are actually not. This is most often the case when the divorce is uncontested.

People often want to have the divorce records often to get the marriage license for remarrying. Most states would want the copy of divorce certificate to grant marriage license. Whenever a person applies for name change legally, they will be required to produce these records before the court. Even for immigration purposes, one might have to produce documents of marriage or divorce in order for the application processing to begin.

With divorce being an everyday event, there are a lot of websites that provide information on divorce records. The website of federal records or the website for vital records are the most famous ones. These are not for free and the person will have to pay a nominal amount to get access.

When you get your divorce certificate, you need to make sure that it has a raised seal without which it is not certified. The certificate would be on a security paper and will have the judicial authority signature on it. You would need this copy for remarrying and name changing purposes. When you want certified copies, it might take a longer time to get it.

There might come various situations in your life where you are required to produce the divorce certificates. You need to keep these divorce records safely for future use. If you have problem getting your records, you can take legal help.