It is wrong to believe that you can just access a database online and get the divorce records that you need. While the number of web-based databases is growing, they are still accessible only after the court or clerk’s office that keeps them has granted you permission to do so. The next logical question is how to make the search more effective and faster. The tips shared below will help you with this.
The Divorce Location Is Key
You have to know which court the divorce proceedings have taken place at. This will enable you to focus on the right database only. Alternatively, you will have to check several. In general, when you don’t know the exact place where the divorce was finalized, you may have to search statewide. In this case, you will benefit from using a specialized service rather than doing the work yourself. It is true that you will have to pay a fee, but you will save a great deal of effort and possibly time.
Detailed Initial Information
The easiest way to search the divorce records in any database is by case number. The documents will show up almost immediately, no matter when the event took place. Unfortunately, sometimes even the spouses who need to retrieve a copy of their divorce certificate can’t remember the case number or find it on any papers which they have with them. In this situation, the best thing to do is to base the search on the date of the divorce and on the names of both spouses. If you don’t have the date and/or one of the names, the search will take a lot longer. In case the spouse has a common name, the challenge could become a lot bigger.
Accuracy at Every Step
Usually, when you make a request to receive a copy of a divorce certificate, you will have to fill out a lengthy form. This and other factors can cause you to make an error while entering the information which will be used for the search. To avoid doing this, write everything down before filling out the form and just copy the numbers and letters. Then double check to ensure that everything is correct. The method is simple, but highly effective. You would not want to make errors, given that the search of divorce records isn’t the quickest of processes.
Finally, remember that each database of divorce records has individual access rules. Make sure that you have good understanding of them in advance and follow them strictly to get the best result.