Now it is extremely easy to check whether a person has been arrested. You simply need to look into the arrest records which are available to the public. They have detailed information regarding the arrested person and the charges. They can be quite useful in many situations. At the same time, it is a mistake to assume that they are the same as criminal records. Discover the differences between the two types of public records.
What Is Included
The modern online databases which contain arrest records are updated quite frequently. Usually, this happens at least once every two days so that members of the public can access the latest information directly. It is important to note that most records are per event rather than per person. You will find the time and date of the arrest and of the release of the person, if this has already happened. There is full information on the arrested individual including a general description of the most important physical features. Typically, there is a picture as well. The charges, the case number and the bond which has to be paid for release are also stated.
Criminal records, on the other hand, present the entire criminal history of a person. They contain information on all criminal offenses for which the charges have not been expunged. They usually have details on convictions as well. Depending on the local laws, these public records may also provide information on all arrests and charges including dismissed ones. It is also worth pointing out that the even though it may not be possible to access these anonymously. Usually, you will have to sign up for using the databases available online and at public institutions.
Using the Information
It is certainly helpful to use the arrest records for finding out whether a person has got into trouble one or more times. However, you have to keep in mind that the arrest does not necessarily mean that the person is guilty of the crime that he is charged with. If you want to get more details on the circumstances of the arrest and the charges, you will need to access the court records.
Another important thing to note is that while the arrest records are extremely helpful for a background check, employers and institutions will need to check the entire criminal history of a person before they make a final decision regarding the person. When it comes to private searches and decisions, this is not required, of course.
Use the information found in arrest records wisely.