Whenever a divorce is granted, the documents pertaining to it will be kept by the court. So if someone wants to get a copy of the divorce records, they need to know where to look for it and the process of getting the same. The process does not consume much time and is not very complicated.

While remarrying is wonderful, the person can only get a marriage license, if they produce their divorce records. The documentation that is required by each state is different and hence it would be better to check with the clerks in your county on the requirements. Also when someone needs to apply for immigration, the records on divorce could be a great help in the process. The laws of the state would mandate on the process of getting the records. The records can be obtained only from the place where the divorce was actually granted.

The state’s vital records is where the divorce gets legalized and this is where you should go to get your divorce records. Irrespective of where your current residence is, the state where you obtained the divorce will have the records of the same. The request for the records can be placed either by visiting them in person or by calling the office over phone. They will direct you on the applications that needs to be filled for getting the records. The application forms will also differ between states. Similarly there might be some fee charged for this service and an identity proof required for the service, which will also differ between states.

You may have to wait for sometime before you get the settlement copy or the copy of the final decree of the divorce. The time you need to wait would differ based on how you want your certificate. The divorce settlement needs to be certified for acceptance in any government related agencies or authorities.

There are a lot of websites which are in existence today to help you with searching of divorce records. The vital records website of the state and the websites of federal records are some popular sites you can use for this purpose. While they make your search easy, they do charge for their service. These services are not for free.

Since the divorce records are the proof of the divorce having taken place, it is better to request and keep a copy of these.