There are some decisions in lives that are of vital importance and they have a significant effect on people’s lives. Marriage and subsequently divorce is one of those decisions. There are many people that decide to get a divorce for several reasons. You could be feeling that love has simply evaporated from your relationship and there isn’t anything left in there anymore. You may also begin feeling that you have become incompatible over the time and you just can’t be in each other’s presence without starting a fight or nagging each other.

So why are we asking you to think again? Well. Relationships are a big deal and the truth is that in most cases nobody really wants to get a divorce. In that moment you may feel angry or betrayed and may feel that you have come to the dead end where there is no turning back, no saving your relationship and the only thing that you can do is go for a divorce but later when a lot of years have gone by you may look back and find that there was something that you could have done to save the relationship. DO you want to be at that point where you are filled with remorse and if onlys? Most probably not! That is why we suggest that you pause for a minute and try to analyse the root cause of the problem.

You would be satisfied that many problems spring from some really petty issues that develop more and more because they are ignored and not paid attention to. SO what does this do? It literally builds a mountain out of mole hill and your vision gets clouded with all the emotions and spur of the moment reactions. While these reactions are in most cases completely justified, they do deter people from thinking logically and stopping for a moment and analysing the cause. If you can work out on the cause and try to solve the problem you can prevent a divorce. You can save a relationship that you cherish and years later you don’t have to think what would have happened had you given your marriage a second chance. You have nothing to lose on the second chance: if it works out there could be nothing better and if it doesn’t you can always go for the divorce. So do stop and think and see if you can solve the problem instead of cutting off the relationship.