While marriage is meant to be a life time commitment, it does not last for a longer period for most of the times. The percentage of divorcees in US is on an upward trend. With so many people getting divorced all around, people often are not sure if they would be able to retrieve their divorce records with ease or not. Let us take a detail look at the entire process to understand it better.

The initial step is when you file for divorce and get it. This involve a lot of paperwork and information that you need to submit to the court. All this information is open for access to everyone including the public and the government authorities as per the Freedom of information act passed in 1967. It may not be very easy to get hold of the final decree or the certificate of divorce. This is because these documents are held by the court and not by the central office for statistics.

You may have to work a little harder to get your divorce records. You can either get them personally or on fax. But it will take some money and some time of yours. However, thanks to internet, we can now access divorce records with the help of the many different service providers who are available now. There will be a cost but it will save the work you have to do otherwise. These service providers have a consolidated database and hence you would be able to search across states which is not easy without their help.

The divorce records give information about the couples, their kids, the settlement information, alimony and division of assets details along with the cause for divorce. With so many divorces happening every year, one has to have some information handy like date of birth or driving license number to get accurate results. The databases used by the commercial service providers take data from the federal database. The federal database collects data from all the court records across the country. The courts are required to submit their data on a monthly basis to the federal database. Law mandates this rule. So depending on when you are searching for information and when was the last update, the accuracy might vary. So if you are not able to find what you are looking for, just wait for a few days and try again.