While many types of records may not be made accessible to just anyone who asks for them, divorce records are considered, for some reason, a public asset. They can be pulled out by anyone who wishes to investigate into your life. The measure of their security lack can be judged by the fact that they can be retrieved even via the internet.

Divorce records are considered a part of the vital records of a person’s life. In New York, divorce records are classified into two types: divorce decree and divorce certificate. A divorce decree is a legal document which states all the terms of the dissolution of the marriage. It is issued by the court. At the bottom are the signatures of the concerned Judge and the County Clerk, mostly of the same jurisdiction as the residency of the couple. This type of record is highly accessible; you only need to inquire about the concerned County and they will hand the divorce records to you. If you are looking for a record that goes beyond 1963, then divorce decree will be the only record available; back then, certificates were not in vogue.

Divorce certificate is the other type of record that came into existence after 1963. It is issued by the Department of Health. It contains information about the people involved, the date of the dissolution and the place of the dissolution. To obtain this certificate, you need to be one of the spouses or you need to get a court order. There will, of course, be a fee to be paid and some days to wait until the divorce records are made available to you.

In the past few years, as the court marriages have risen, so have the cases of divorce filed. Divorce is mostly seen in cases where the couple is young, emotional and makes rash decisions. Infidelity is the next most common cause. All such causes are seldom documented, except in cases where some legal issues are involved, for instance, domestic violence and impotency cases. The purpose of keeping a track of one’s marriage and divorces is none other than keeping an eye on the activities of a person; it is more of a formality than a necessity. The importance becomes paramount if the couple gives birth to a child; in such cases, a legal document about the parents is required for the identification of the child.