Divorce is the legal termination of marriage which in result cancels the marital duties and responsibilities of both parties. Divorce laws are differentially applied in different countries but mostly divorce requires approval of court or some other authorized party for legal endorsement. Divorce records carry much importance other than public records and are kept in state Archives Regional Branch. Due to Increased rate of divorce some countries like UK has legalized it.

Divorce gives both the parties freedom to marry some other person. Court mainly focuses on the prenuptial and post-nuptial terms written in marital documentation agreed by spouse to make them enforceable. So whoever wants to marry someone else must have a divorce record so that if second party claims against the marriage there must be a certification of divorce in their hands. Divorce records are kept because if the other party wants to claim for property, children authority, support or relation you can use that record to settle the matter.

Divorce records are meant for your safety. In case of any judicial case investigation or in case of any trouble or harassment from your husband/ wife you can claim for security showing the record of your divorce. Mostly in foreign countries divorces are collaborative. Uncontested collaborative divorces have been increased from 73% to 84% since 1987 to 2012. Divorce records are used in case if both the divorced person wants to marry again with each other. They must have record about their marital union and divorce certification.

Divorce filling clearly notifies both the parties about their duties and responsibility and the custody of children is also mentioned. These divorce records socially secure the person who got accused for the property and custody. None can be enforced to perform the duties of marital life after divorce. Divorce records publically identify and specify the person and they can also be used to find the personal record like if an adopted child wants to know about his biological parents he can use the record.

Divorce rates were very low till 1995 but after that when people from different religions started marrying each other divorce rates increased 3 times. Since 1979-2012 lowest divorce record is observed in England with a rate of 1.2 % that is the lowest record ever. Divorce rate in Australia has been recorded as 2.7 % and in Japan 2%. But in 2012 every 20% of men and women are divorcing in Australia at each second.