Unfortunately the family system is no longer as strong as it used to be in the past. Over the time the family values have simply disintegrated leaving behind a hollow in which family life has suffered considerably. If you take a look at the divorce records you will find that in the past 10 years the divorce rates have gone considerably higher. Moreover the reasons that are responsible for the divorce have also converged and the results are disturbing.

These divorce records and the statistics that are derived from them have certain implications and it is high time that we pay attention to these. Somehow divorce has become a very casual affair which is a very wrong perspective because all those who have personally gone through a divorce or have had a divorce in their families know that it is a huge thing and has effects that take ages to recover.

A psychological analysis suggests that the level of tolerance is simply fading away from the society. People just can’t stand each other anymore and that is way small, otherwise petty issues grow into something large and formidable that in the end causes the culmination of a relationship that meant a lot to the two people involved in it as well as their family and friends.

These divorce records have made people realize that we are going down the wrong path. A relationship is something in which the emotions of people are very twisted together and when it is suddenly ended by a divorce, the biggest effectives are the children. They are the ones who need both parents to build the strong foundations of their personality. Without both parents this becomes hard to do and creates an abnormal environment. Children, being extremely sensitive, feel these things acutely.  Even of a divorce doesn’t mean much to you, which is in most cases highly improbable, it means a lot to the children and many children who have had parents that divorced at an early stage feel that it is harder for them to commit to a relationship because they don’t want to end up like their parents did. In this way we are simply eliminating the concept of family lives in the society and damaging the basic structure. This is the reason why many people are choosing to go to the counsellors before taking the finality of the divorce decision. This helps figure out problems and solve them thus preventing divorce.