A divorce is a very serious matter which not only effect two people but also many others. It is an agreement between a husband and a wife that they are no longer held the bond of marriage and thus are free from the responsibilities of each other. In the recent years the cases of divorce are increasing day by day. The analyst have observed it that the divorced is increasing specially in the middle and the lower middle class. It is certainly not easy to get a divorce not only for a women but also for the men as well. A person can end up in a divorce due to some common reasons which may include arguments that last for a very long time. Sometimes, such arguments can get so serious that they may results in some abusive measures as well. Most of the times, such arguments are because of having more children, they parents can not handle them and thus start to fight, finding it as an easier way to get rid of their frustration. Afterwards, the people only find light in getting divorced!

Although, getting divorced is not the only solution. The separation of the parents may have serious repercussions on the children. The children may start thinking that they are the reason why their parents got divorced. This may results, the children in getting into psychological problems such as, they may start keeping aloof from the rest of the world- lost in their own imaginary world. This causes the children as well as the women to get into deep depression, anxiety and stress.

According, to recent observation another reason for the divorce has come up. This is because of the joint family system that is mostly observed in the eastern countries. The disputes among the different family members and especially with the mother-in-law may results in serious arguments that create an environment of tension in the house. Such, reasons contributes alot in a divorce and deteriorates the relationship.

Getting a divorce is not the only solutions to all problems; some arguments can be settled by simple agreements or compromises. The two secrets to keep a good relationship strong include, firstly whenever you are wrong admit it, and secondly whenever you are right just keep quite. Therefore before you start thinking to get divorced just gives it a thought that it will not only affect you but also many other people related to you!