There are many individuals in society that are in danger of splitting up because of relationship issues. These people once loved each other and had great understanding of one another. Due to certain circumstances there have been distances created which have led to a dramatic split up which is referred to as a divorce. These individuals had great feelings for one another, did everything together, and could not live without the other. Now there is so much hatred among these two individuals that they cannot even stand to be in the same room. The wedding vows that they once made in which they made promises to stay together in tough and thin are now shattered.

The dreams of having a family one day and living in a nice home have turned to grey. Now the only thing that these individuals are worried about is who will get custody of the children and pay the bills. The work load on the individual is now more and the stress levels are increasing at a fast pace. Once these two lovers split up they have to go their own ways and struggle for their own survival. There is no one that will offer their shoulders for the person with the broken heart to cry on. They will have to hold their feelings back and put a fake smile on their face in order to get along in society.

When the person that has gone through a divorce begins to look for a new relationship times become tough, because people think that the second relationship will turn out just as bad. Just because the person has gone through a divorce does not mean that they are terrible people, it just means that they have gone through a difficult time. All they need is someone to comfort them and provide them with love. Going through a divorce may be a tough time and coping with it might even be much worse. It may take time to get over the past relationship and start afresh. The person must have the willpower and the desire to move on, not just hold on to the past memories. Learning from past experiences and mistakes should help the divorced individual to become even stronger. Those couples that are dealing with a divorce should learn to be tough and learn to deal with the challengers that life gives them.