There are many people that get married and then after a couple of years decide that they are not right for each other. It is a controversy in the nation because there are so many court cases pending and there are divorce cases that are answered every single day. The hatred between the couple can lead to psychological problems for the children if there are any in the home. After the divorce the child ends up between the parents and has a very unstable life. The separation of the two people ruins not two lives, but many others that are born into the family.

The partners start to become distant due to many reasons but one of the main reasons is financial instability. There may be fights and disputes in the household and this could be why the family decides to split up. Usually the wife or the husband does not contribute to running the household expenses and that is when the issues arise. Some men do not like their wives to work outside the home and the lady of the house does not like to be tied up in the four walls of the house. This leads to divorce and can ruin a perfect relationship. The man is socialized to believe that he is the breadwinner; this ego can destroy a family and can have a huge impact on all the members of the household.

This is a very immense dilemma that needs to be taken care of. People need to be informed about divorce and should make the right decisions before they take this huge step in life. Before getting tied to someone and marrying a person the two people should see if they are right for each other. Both of the individuals should have values that go hand in hand. If these things are taken into consideration then the divorce rate can be lowered. Less people would have problems with their spouse and this problem could be solved if people started to understand that marriage is not a one day game. It is all about commitment and this relationship should last a lifetime. If there is no commitment and understanding then divorce will be the answer to the relationship and many lives will be wrecked. Marriage should be a promise to live together and never let the bond break. This is why divorce should not be the answer to every problem that arises and things should be talked out to prevent this horrible predicament.