You were really close with a person, but with time you grew apart and you lost your friend’s contact details. Now you want to restore this relationship. Is it too late? It is never too late to find a friend. You just need to have the right strategy for people search. It has to be based on the following major factors.


These are the places and documents which contain information about people. The primary source for people search is obviously the web. You can find plenty of information about most people if you know how to search. The social networks, in particular, contain lots of personal details and pictures too. You should definitely include the good old vital records in your search as well. These are birth, marriage, divorce and death records kept by town, county and state clerks. They are readily available to the general public. Many states have digitalized their records and now they can be accessed online.


There are various types of valuable tools which you need to use. The people search websites can give you the most recent contact details of a person if you enter their name. The details include address and phone number. You should also use the search engines which are especially designed for the search of people. They scan the whole web and can give you lots of details about a person such as their participation in a hobby club or the web address of their blog. There are also social network search engines. These are designed to scan all of the social networks from Facebook and Twitter to Pinterest.


You should know where you are heading in your search. You should use the web to find the latest information about a person, but if you do not get any results you may have to go back. You can readily check the marriage and divorce records to find the person’s address. Even this is not the most recent address of the person you may still be able to get some contact details from the landlord, the new owner or the neighbors.

Organized Information

Often when you perform a search, you find bits and pieces of the information which you need at different times. That is why it makes sense for you to organize it very well. You should organize the information based on type and on relevance.

Personal Contact

You should not hesitate to talk to people who know the person that you are looking for directly. These include previous employers, ex partners and so on. That way, you will get the information which you are looking for more easily.

You are now ready to perform successful people search.